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Scum Bitch

Killing Faggots Since 1998

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3 way cum, 324, 7 minutes of nausea, anal cunt, anti cimex, asphyx, assuck, autopsy, baconbaby, baron von blastbeat, bathtub shitter, bizarre, blastbeats, bodies lay broken, bombstrike, boobwhore, broken bones, bushwick bill, calloused, captain cleanoff, carcass, carcass grinder, charles bronson, chuck norris, clitsnot, count slideula, crust, cunninlinguists, cunt, cuntgrind, cuntpuncher, cunty, customized circle, dahmer, dead infection, death metal, denak, despise you, discharge, discordance axis, doom, douche, dropdead, dykestomp, ejaculated whore, elektrokutioner, embalming theatre, entrails massacre, excruciating terror, fastcore, fear of god, fetus eaters, fuck on the beach, fuck slow bands, g-anx, ganksta nip, godstomper, gore, gore beyond necropsy, goregrind, grind, grindcore, gut, hail of rage, hatefilled vengeance, hellnation, ill bill, infest, intestinal disgorge, john zorn, kakistocracy, killing faggots, krigshot, lack of interest, last days of humanity, lord grunt, machetazo, maggot feast, masskontroll, mc hawking, means of existence, mgs, motorhead, napalm chef, napalm death, nausea, nihilist, nipples, non prophets, opstand, phobia, play fast or die, poon, power electronics, power violence, professor riff, pungent stench, punk, pussy, rambo, reek of putrefaction, regurgitate, repulsion, retaliation, rgte, rotten sound, rupture, s.o.b., sanity's dawn, scum bitch, seige, senseless apocalypse, skank beats, skitsystem, skulleton, slight slappers, sound like shit, splattergrind, squash bowels, stab fags, state of fear, succulent torso, swallowing shit, terrorizer, the kill, the last emperor, thrash, tits, totalitar, ulcerrhoea, unholy grave, unleashed, vagina, vaginal jesus, vomit goggles, vomit spawn, warcollapse, warsore, wartext, whores, wolfbrigade, wolfpack, world downfall, yacopsae, young zee